August Staff Picks: Top 3 Features to Help You Sell More

In an ever growing and competitive online market, you are always looking for the right tools and features to help you sprint ahead. Our team has selected this month’s top 3 PrestaShop features to help you sell more. Best of all, each of these features are available in your PrestaShop back office for a quick and easy installation!

Here’s what you’ll find!

    • – a completely free feature that optimizes your shop’s mobile shopping experience
    • PrestaStats – view, compare and export your store’s critical data with an advanced dashboard
    • Riskified – fraud prevention and protection for all or any high risk transactions



What it does: creates an intuitive mobile shopping experience with an easy-to-use, semi-transparent layer. It adds features for customers to easily search, explore, share, and purchase from anywhere on your site.

Why we love it: In one click, give your website app-like functionality with When users visit from their smartphone, key elements of mobile browsing makes the shopping experience clear, consistent and helpful. Customize this feature to match your site, set localization options and access analytics.

How it helps you sell more: adds features that enrich the mobile browsing experience with push notifications, mobile search, a mobile checkout funnel, 1-click social sharing and more. Convert more mobile shoppers with an intuitive user experience.

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Or find it in your PrestaShop Back Office > Modules > Mobile

2. PrestaStats


What it does: PrestaStats exports raw data from your PrestaShop store and compiles it into easy to understand statistics you’ll need to make smarter business decisions. Abandoned carts, top products and profit are easily accessible from a real-time dashboard.

Why we love it: Your data is consolidated into key statistics to understand your business quickly and in-depth. Access them from any device, at any time – especially when to need to make critical business decisions. Best of all, you can review data from as far back as the day your shop opened.

How it helps you sell more: These statistics help you understand what’s happening with your online store to help you make better sales, management and marketing decisions. Quickly spot trends to make timely assessments, based on today’s data…today. PrestaStats empowers you with hard facts that help you run your online business smoother.

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Or find it in your PrestaShop Back Office > Modules > Analytics & Stats

3. Riskified


What it does: Riskified’s turnkey fraud detection features lets you review, verify and approve all transaction or selected suspicious transactions. It also provides valuable insights into your transaction, which helps you understand your customers better.

Why we love it: Riskified stands by their fraud detection technology by offering a 100% money back guarantee in the event of a fraud. You pay only when a transaction is approved and you make money.

How it helps you sell more:Complete orders you would otherwise decline because they appear fraudulent to gain incremental sales. You also increase your profits by reducing charge-back losses and avoiding bank fees.

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Or find it in your PrestaShop Back Office > Modules >
Site Certification & Fraud Prevention

Which of these features are you looking forward to adding on your PrestaShop store? Let us know in the comments below. Then tune in next month to see which features we select.

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