PrestaShop World Tour: Meet Sweet Isabelle, a Canadian Online Store Turned Bakery

Canada is a fascinating and complex country for ecommerce. With two official languages (English and French), e-merchants have to work harder just to accommodate customers in their country. This however, is also a huge opportunity for merchants to quickly expand beyond their borders. After all, American and French customers are merely a few clicks away.


Ecommerce in Canada is rapidly growing, having reached $22 billion Canadian dollars in 2013. This shows that Canadians are eager to shop online, making average of 13 separate purchases a year.

On this stop of the World Tour, we’re in Montreal with Isabelle and Michel. Isabelle’s passion for having fun while decorating sweets and Michel’s knowledge of coding led them to create and run Sweet Isabelle. In 4 years, they turned baking for family and friends into an online store with 3 physical locations. What is their secret recipe for successfully running an online store?

Let’s find out!

PrestaShop World Tour: Montreal with Sweet Isabelle. from PrestaShop on Vimeo.

This stop wraps up our 5-month journey around the world exploring ecommerce cultures. Which country was your favorite in our world tour? Share in the comments below or Tweet at us with using #PSWorldTour on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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