Optimize your Ecommerce Site for Social Gift Giving

Finding the perfect gift is never an easy thing to do. According to Hubspot, 64.8% of consumers are turning to social media sites to find a perfect gift. To help PrestaShop merchants capitalize on this growing trend, we are introducing Give.it, an interactive gift-giving solution beyond personal messages and wrapping.

By installing the Give.it module, PrestaShop users will enable the Give.it button on their product pages and instantly optimize their ecommerce site for social gifting. This unique social ecommerce experience allows customers to complete gift purchases through a seamless transaction.

Worry-free Gift Giving

A gift giver’s worry does not end at picking out a present. They now have to select the right preferences (such as size and color) and input correct mailing information. By installing the Give.it module, you’ll remove both worries for your gift-giving customers. After selecting the product, customers click the Give.it button and from there, they only have to find their friend through social media and pay for the gift. The chore of picking the right preferences and inputting shipping information becomes an interactive and exciting task for the recipient.


Encourage Online Gift Purchases

When customers shop online, they are generally shopping for themselves. By having the Give.it button next to your products, your customers are continuously reminded that an item can be purchased as a gift. This gives you the ability to influence impulse purchases to generate more sales. Give.it also encourages customers to come back and shop by always suggesting gift giving as an option.


Integrate Social Media

Using social media to promote your products is effective but the message is more impactful when it comes from a friend. Upon completing the purchase, Give.it creates an update for the customer’s social media profile with your product image and site name. By integrating the social media feature, you not only increase brand awareness but also build brand confidence. It shows your customers’ social media connections that they not only like your product but love it enough to purchase it for their friends. This shifts the message from “you should get it” to “you need to have it.”

 Beyond optimizing your site for social gift giving, Give.it also offers the following:

    • Transparent and simple pricing – no fees until you’ve made your first sale
    • Customizable buttons to complement your site image and brand
    • Easy installation and configuration to multiple products

Give.it is on a mission to change the face of online gifting. PrestaShop merchants can profit from this innovative concept by downloading the Give.it module for free from the Official PrestaShop Marketplace!

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