6 Time-tested Ways to Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Did you know that for every 1 shopping cart converted, 2-3 of them are abandoned? According to BI Intelligence, the global average rate for abandoned shopping carts is 71.2%. Want another staggering statistic? The estimated value of these shopping carts is worth approximately $4 trillion.


Today, we’re helping you cash in with 6 time-tested ways to reduce abandoned shopping carts. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started converting tentative shoppers into paying customers!

Improve UX with Instant Field Validation

Improve the user experience (UX) of your site, specifically the checkout page with instant field validation. It’s a standard feature in PrestaShop v1.6 that validates each field as customers enter their information on the page. Customers are notified immediately when they make typo errors like adding letters in phone numbers or excluding “@” from their email addresses. Instant field validation helps customers correct errors immediately rather than waiting until after they’ve filled out the page.

In addition to instant field validation, improve the UX by regularly testing your checkout process. Add it to you weekly to-do list. If you don’t have one already, check out our smartest checklists for managing your online store.

Enable Guest Checkout

Need a reason to enable guest checkout? Look no further than its nickname – the $300 Million Button. By allowing customers to check out as a guest, one online retailer saw a 45% increase in orders. Guest checkout allows customers to provide only the information needed to complete their order. Customers also don’t have to remember a username and password. Here’s what instant checkout / guest checkout looks like on Eva varro, a PrestaShop store.


Avoid Unexpected Fees

Of the people surveyed by Statista, 56% of them abandoned their carts because they were “presented with unexpected costs”. Combat this by clearly displaying the fees you charge, from shipping to taxes and everything in between. You can also use this as a marketing opportunity to promote your shipping specials. PrestaShop store, Hunt and Style uses a threshold free shipping strategy and clearly details it on their homepage banner.

Remember: Customers do not abandon carts because of the fees, it’s finding out about them at checkout that drives them away.

Reassure Customers of your Trustworthiness

Customers want to shop on sites they feel they can trust. Reassure customers by displaying elements of trust like badges from the Better Business Bureau or Google Trusted Sites. Next, clearly display your contact information such as phone number, email address and physical address. Don’t forget to leverage social media to boost your company’s social credibility. Each fan and follower also helps you build customer trust.

Finally, include logos of reputable companies you work with. From payment processing to shipping or even well-known suppliers, they can all help build trust in your site. Johnson’s Popcorn, a PrestaShop store, uses a combination of their contact information and reputable company logos to build trust.


Provide Your Customer’s Preferred Payment Methods

Vouchercloud quotes, 59% of customers will abandon a transaction if their preferred payment is not available. The forms of payment methods you offer should be determined by your customers. PrestaShop merchant, Headict, displays a secured payment block in their footer to show customers which payment methods they accept.

Offering customers their preferred payment method extends beyond the payment processor. Don’t forget about your customers’ shopping habits. For example, American customers are accustomed to paying for their order in full. In contrast, customers in many South American countries expect the option to pay in installments. Learn more about international ecommerce trends by checking out the PrestaShop World Tour.

Remind Customers about Their Carts

Sometimes customers just abandon carts. Whether they are not ready to make the purchase or were simply distracted, shopping carts get left behind. However, a cart is not technically considered abandoned if customers come back to complete their purchase. See how Ralph Lauren encourages customers to come back and shop with this reminder email.

Convert abandoned shopping carts with automated reminder emails from the Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro Module. Beyond a reminder, this module personalizes each email to include the products your customers left in their carts.


Reducing abandoned shopping carts is all about addressing customer concerns. Whether it is peace of mind or a just friendly reminder, each of these time-tested ways work because they make the customer more comfortable with shopping on your website. Try one, all or a combination of these methods to find what works for your particular website. Then, let us know which worked best in the comments below.

If you are a PrestaShop merchant running 1.6, track your success with by reviewing the intelligent KPIs on your orders tab. Now an online merchant yet? Download PrestaShop’s ecommerce software to get started today.

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